Right now, all our clients feel the same as we do — great turbulence and uncertainty. It’s high time to focus on your customer base. We will tell you how to do it right — define KPI, chose a tone of voice, from where to start.

This digest tells you how to apply a CRM as a business tool and to use it productively in a crisis time. If you already know it, please have a look at our offer.
What we should do during the crisis is to contradict the quote above. First of all, we need to improve communications with the existing clients and build their trust. Customer relationship and customer loyalty have always been important aspects, but now they are far more important:

  • Customer loyalty will form the basis for repeat sales if you prove your product or service works in the new reality
  • Your customer base is ideally fit for testing new products and (even!) new pricing
  • Personal contact gives you a chance of being heard amongst the social media "info-noise"

Even if you are now facing a shortage of products or supply chain disruptions, just get in touch with your clients, demonstrate some emotional connection and comfort them. This digest will tell you how to do this.
The forum* [is] an established place for men to cheat one another, and behave covetously
Anacharsis, 7th century BC
*- forum is the successor of Greek "agora", a central place in town where markets were usually situated.
You should decide first what kind of communication and advertising you want to do. DM Basis commented on this case in an interview with Cossa. We are sure that every marketing aspect will undergo changes now. Everybody is migrating from FB and Instagram to VK and other social media, adjusting advertising budgets and integrations, and reducing PR activities. It is vitally important to adapt quickly and stay on course.
DM Basis
Mind your triggers. It’s particularly important now to manage customer experience and nurture your client along the whole customer journey. When used correctly, a trigger often pushes a client to buy.
To marketers who want to understand how to effectively interact with a client in the changed reality
The first contact should not be a promo, for sure. Now when brands are leaving the country, it is important to be calm and confident speaking to a customer about the situation. Some say no one needs talks during wartime for it’s time to save the business. But it’s hard to save the business without clients, and clients need support now. There are some deficient products, like meds, which are swept off the shelves in a blink. Who cares about CX? And clients are getting mad when orders are cancelled with no explanation because of the lack of supply.
Video on communicating during infodemic, the term that appeared during the pandemic but can be also used to describe the current situation. The media is now full of fakes and unconfirmed information, mixed with objective data. With the Internet and mass media being virtually the only sources of information, people are using every piece of the news that could give them an idea of what is going on and what to expect, thus settling their nerves.
During the crisis, your contacts must be:
  • regular – long breaks are unacceptable
  • clear – the fewer equivoques and half-worlds the better
  • authoritative – focus on what you know for sure and how you can help your client, keeping your personal position to yourself
To all, not just marketers. It is important for all businesses to understand interaction principles in a time of crisis as we all communicate with people
Having completed the starting phase, it’s time to learn how to make a CRM sell
How to define CRM KPIs? To answer this question, which is not that simple due to a lot of metrics available, you must understand that a CRM system is not just a software tool, but a business approach covering many business aspects and enabling effective and long-term customer relationships. Remember this while setting up your CRM KPIs.
KPI for CRM: why it’s not as easy as it seems
The effectiveness of software as a business solution directly depends on managerial competency. Learn about some mistakes that make CRM software a waste of money.
Management mistakes affecting CRM effectiveness
Companies have been making the same mistakes while implementing a CRM for 18 years. The reason is the inability to define what it is and why to use it. Here is a brief explanation of why expensive CRM software does not work without a model "customer relationship management as a business approach" and how to synchronize them.
How to implement a CRM correctly
To sum up
This digest highlights the importance of a CRM as a marketing channel in the current situation and explains how to properly implement and develop this tool.

We do hope the story helped you better understand the business situation for now winners are those who can make the right decisions quickly.

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